As3 textfield maxcrollv not updating

26-Jan-2017 06:53

You can give a text field an instance name in the Property inspector and use the methods and properties of the Text Field class to manipulate it with Action Script.

Text Field instance names are displayed in the Movie Explorer and in the Insert Target Path dialog box in the Actions panel. The methods of the Text Field class let you set, select, and manipulate text in a dynamic or input text field that you create during authoring or at runtime.

The text wraps around the embedded media in the same way that a web browser wraps text around media embedded in an HTML document.

Flash Player supports a subset of HTML tags that you can use to format text.

as3 textfield maxcrollv not updating-53

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add Child(Txt Indicator); Txt = "bom Time"; Txt Indicator.width = 30; Txt Indicator.x = -40; Txt Indicator.y = -25; Txt Indicator.selectable = false; Txt Size = Text Field Auto Size.

What's also supposed to happen is that the text is supposed to change as well, here is the current coding: This used to run well on Adobe Flash Professional CS6, however when I upgrade to Adobe Animate CC... (I had to remove all of the TLF fields and make them dynamic again.) What is missing to make all of this work?