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There’s French, we believe, on our far right, blending in a little with the background.In the center, nestled in the pines, one of the sixteen guest cabins." Has a short note from someone named "Vasalut Castica" to an "A. Shuhany." Additional Photos: 1 231 Vintage Unmailed Postcards of Pennsylvania This is a collection of 31 unmailed, vintage hand colored photograph postcards of places in Pennsylvania. Additional Photos: 1 2 3 4 Set of Antique David Kaufmann Gettysburg PA Postcards & Lithos This set of lithographic photo memorabilia includes two loose postcards, a souvenir folder with a folding panorama and several more photos inside as well as Lincoln's Gettysburg Address, and another booklet with 25 detachable lithograph postcards. Additional Photos: 1 2 Set of 8 German Maritime Postcards These 8 postcards are all in German and depict ships and a maritime main street in Stuttgart.Additional Photos: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 Set of 7 Antique Postcards: Lakes and Mountains of the New York Adirondacks These 7 hand color photograph style lithograph postcards depicts various scenes around the Adirondacks, including Whtieface Mountani in the Wilmington, Lake LPacid and Saranac Section, Ausable Lake, Keene Valley, Wilmington Notch, Elizabethtown, the Boquet River, and the Gothics. Circa 1929 judging from the mark on the six attached cards, "Die Wesserfahrt der "Bremen" am 24, Juni 1929." The one of Stuttgart has some writing on the back that I can't decipher. A couple have correspondence from one "Miss Ida Flatt" on them.

The story of its rise and decline mirrors the overall rise and decline of pre-casino Atlantic City. But have you ever seen it with beams of colored light projecting from the roof?? The text of the back of this postcard states: "A new Boardwalk landmark rising more than 300 feet above sea level is equipped with a two-tiered, rotating elevator car to give observers a panoramic sweep of the Atlantic Ocean and the sights of the world famous vacation shoreline." To read more about its history and demolition, see this 1989 Philadelphia Inquirer article.

There is a tragic yet heroic quality to the dag portrait.

We find it perverse, given these anecdoates, that a beer was named for him and the eerie wood carving that marks Little Oshkosh Park has become a place where seagulls regularly landto poop.

In 1910, as seen here, it was just a few years removed from its first major restoration effort. Beard, Atlantic City] The Traymore is arguably the most famous hotel in Atlantic City history. Kropp Co., Milwaukee, Wisonsin]POSTCARD DETAILS: It was mailed to New Kent County, Virginia, in August 1906 with the following note on the front: "I am having a fine time, hope you are enjoying yourself.

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POSTCARD DETAILS: It was mailed to Paterson, New Jersey, in September 1910 with the following note: "Atlantic City. It began as a boarding house in the 1870s and grew to the Art Deco architectural behemoth seen in this postcard. Tommie." [No publisher listed] OK, perhaps some of you do remember Sky Tower.

A Trip down The Wabash in Old Postcards Hanging Rock Hanging Rock, Indiana is approximately 95 miles from the source of the Wabash in Grand Lake, Ohio. Ice Gorge, Wabash River, frozen and flooded, Lagro This postcard, posted in Lagro on Febraury 16th, 1910, has the printed text...