New orleans dating spots

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Try hopping on at Canal St in Mid-City and ride all the way down to the Mississippi. Charles line and ride all along The Avenue and down Carrollton.

Have a Sazerac at The Sazerac Bar, a Ramos Gin Fizz at the Empire Bar, a Vieux Carre at the Carousel Bar, a Brandy Crusta (or French 75) at the French 75 Bar, a Grasshopper at Tujague's, a Brandy Milk Punch at Brennan’s, a Pimm’s Cup at the Napoleon House, and so on... Buy, borrow, rent, or steal (actually don’t steal) an automobile and drive out to these places: Middendorf’s for the best thin fried catfish in the world; Tan Dinh for Vietnamese; Mosca’s for garlicky Italian everything; charbroiled oysters at the original Drago’s in Metairie; and boudin and cracklins out in a Cajun country truck stop (we like the Chevron outside of Opelousas).

The place has remained mostly unchanged for the better part of 70 years. If it has the name of the restaurant in the name of the dish, just go ahead and order it. Knocked down and rebuilt several times after several hurricanes, Middendorf’s refuses go down without a fight.

This, of course, is a VERY good thing, because their insanely thin-cut, crispy fried catfish has no equal on this planet.

If you're planning to spend the afternoon, pack a picnic and sit on one of the grassy banks or benches near the City Park Lagoon or Cascade Garden Pool.3.

Southern Food and Beverage Museum With exhibits chronicling the culture of food and drink in the American South, the Southern Food and Beverage Museum is the perfect way to get a taste for regional specialties.

There's even a Crawfish app that'll get you the best current price for live or boiled mudbugs.

The streetcar is a beautiful, historic New Orleans device.

Casually elegant dining in a converted train depot on the North Shore... An evening at LOLA is well worth the drive across the causeway, once known as “the longest bridge in the world”, if -- the one with his portrait looking manly and nonchalant with a dead alligator draped over his shoulder -- and you’ll know what he’s about.Urban Kayaking It may seem a bit unusual to spend a day kayaking through New Orleans, but the historic Bayou St.John provides an ideal trail for seeing the sights and getting a feel for the city. Each tour lasts an average of four hours and gives visitors a fun way to explore, exercise and enjoy New Orleans' serene setting among waterways.2.We wish the best but are no longer associated with the Cupid brand.

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Let’s face it: As much as we don’t want to think about it, one of these days we’re all destined to shuffle off this mortal coil.