San antonio teacher dating a student

01-Dec-2016 11:35

In one of numerous recent cases in the Houston area, Rebecca De La Garza at Thompson Intermediate in Pasadena ISD in 2011, was charged with sexual assault of a child under the age of 17 and charged with improper relationship with a student.Prosecutors say they found evidence of more than 22,000 text messages and 2,000 phone calls between the teacher and student.In 2014, Felicia Smith was dismissed and faced criminal charges for giving a sexually suggestive lap dance to a student in a classroom, as a present for his 15th birthday. In recent years, Texas has consistently led the nation in the sheer number of teacher-student sexual assaults and sexual relationships. To put it in perspective, Pennsylvania comes in second with 45 cases.Abbott termed it an “epidemic” with nearly half of all Texas cases involving some form of social media connection between the teacher and student.On Tuesday, police arrested Douglas Le — a 25-year-old San Jose resident and a teacher at Gilroy High School — who allegedly posed as a girl online to elicit minors to send him “harmful matter,” police said.

Maris Gonzalez, 23, has been charged with sexual assault of a child after an officer caught them involved in a sexual act in a car on Tuesday, according to the arrest affidavit.“As soon as we found out, we informed the San Jose Police Department and released her from employment,” said Stephen Mc Mahon, the school district’s chief business officer.Nguyen had worked for the school for about three months, he added.During the initial investigation, the teen initially told the officer he was 18, but was later found to be 15.

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Gonzalez later admitted to investigators that she had been involved in a sexual relationship with the student for the past few weeks, according to the affidavit.

HOUSTON - After new, shocking allegations of a teacher having a sexual relationship with her 13-year-old student, many parents began asking why these incidents seem to occur more frequently than in years past.