Spreadshirt shop not updating

12-Jun-2016 16:40

Currently, there are no plans for a Mac OS X framework.

In order to be able to, for example, create products and baskets, you need to apply for an API key at the SDN.

If you add an article to the cart and then click on the cart link, you will be redirected to the usual Spreadshirt basket.

The whole payment and order process is handeled by Spreadshirt. You only need to add the shortcode to your new or existing page and you’re done!

By submitting your bid, you are committing to buy this item from the seller if you are the winning bidder.

For useful information regarding the Spreadshirt API and a reference of all the resources, have a look at the Spreadshirt Developer Network (SDN).This is a small Word Press plugin for displaying the articles of your Spreadshirt-Shop in Word Press.The plugin uses the Spreadshirt API to display and don’t uses iframes!Spreadshirt is one of my favorite affiliate programs and I know you're going to enjoy it too. There are hundreds of thousands of existing designs to choose from. Let's say you have a golf website and you're looking to sell some golf-related T-shirts.

You could either create some images with some golf sayings or search the Spreadshirt marketplace for some existing golf images.

You might use Spreadshop of Spreadshirt then: https://developer.spreadshirt.net/display/spread Shop/Spread Shop Current features The currency bases on the currency you’re using for your Spreadshirt Shop.